Leaves are turning, the air feels crisp, and the almighty pumpkin spice latte has awoken from hibernation. It’s starting to feel downright autumnal.

One of my favorite things about this time of year is that it’s an excuse to dive into anything and everything spooky. I’m a bit of a horror junkie (my mom let me watch Alfred Hitchcock when I was too young, so blame her) and most nights in October I revisit my favorite flicks and seek out the films I haven’t seen yet. 

You see, for years I’ve been training, and now all that work will finally pay off. 


Did you know that in The Creature The Black Lagoon, the Gill Man’s design was based on the statuette given to Academy Award winners? 

Well, now you know.

I bet right now you’re like “Hailey, what do you expect me to do with that information?”

Well first of all I expect you to cherish it, but if you were hoping for a more practical application of this knowledge then you’re in luck! 

On October 21st, The Depot invites you and your friends to gather in our great hall to celebrate this spooky season with a free trivia night! Be sure to bring all your horror, Halloween, and general knowledge because Trivia Mafia has partnered with us for a spooky good time! 

In addition to top-tier trivia, we’ll be joined by local food trucks. You’ll be able to purchase food, soft beverages, or drinks from a cash bar to enjoy as your team battles it out. In addition to trivia, there will be Haunted History tours before and after the competition with tickets available on our website.

I encourage you to bring your A-game because I take this sort of thing very seriously. That’s right, I’ll be competing, and I’m willing to crush anyone who stands in my way. I’m out for blood. But like, in a quirky, fun, and approachable type of way. 

What’s more fun than spooky trivia in a real (allegedly) haunted train depot? It’ll be a great way to celebrate the season and flex on your fellow nerds. 

We can’t wait to see you there!