County Owned

The Depot is owned by St. Louis County, and appreciates the strong relationship we have built over the years in becoming known as the St. Louis County Heritage & Arts Center.

In addition, the Depot and its member organizations are appreciative of the ongoing support of the Depot Foundation which through its grant funding program helps to preserve and present the arts, history, and culture of St. Louis County.

County Budget Sheet [PDF]

The Depot is calling on organizations that are interested in engaging office, exhibit, or performance space in our 131-year-old landmark building.

Depot RFP Public Questions & Answers

Current tenants are not required to submit references.  Current tenants include LSRM/NSSRR, DSSA, Minnesota Ballet, Depot Foundation, Duluth Art Institute, St. Louis County Historical Society. 

The RFP does not require or allow for current tenants of The Depot to submit letters of reference.  As set forth on page 8 of the RFP: For current tenants scoring for this section will include consideration of current and past tenancy.

No.  The map showing spaces open for proposals for the 2024 RFP shows all spaces available for proposals.  Spaces not available may become available outside this RFP process depending on a number of factors, including potential HVAC or other capital project needs. 

Such information would be appropriately included within your strategic plan as set forth in Question 7.3 of the RFP. 

As set forth in paragraph 14 of the RFP, proposals for multiple years will be considered.  Specific lengths of leases will be finalized during lease negotiations.