Experience all we have to offer.

For the full Depot experience, you may plan to spend your afternoon here.  Sign up for a workshop or class, take in a show, ride the Zephyr Express, check out the story of St. Louis County immigration, gaze at contemporary art, and grab an ice cream cone!


The Depot belongs to the community of St. Louis County and our mission is to provide a welcoming space to all.

The Depot has been part of our St. Louis County community for well over 100 years. We have hosted Duluth Superior Pride, State of the City addresses, charity events, art happenings, and speakers (not to mention a grand party or two).


Our vision for the building is  foster connections for distinctive educational and cultural activity, and it really has informed all the events and programs we have planned.


Every corner of the Depot evokes a spark of curiosity. The Depot isn’t just a place to visit – it’s a place to experience.


The St Louis County Depot is fortunate to be the home to seven different organizations. With all of these amazing organizations housed under one really large, very beautiful roof, it is easy to see why the Duluth Depot is the area’s hub for arts, history, and culture.