Home to six different organizations.

There are three exhibiting organizations displaying collections of artifacts and artwork; the Lake Superior Railroad Museum, and St. Louis County Historical Society. The North Shore Scenic Railroad is a seasonal scenic railroad that boards at the St Louis County Depot, and their ticket office is adjacent to the train museum. There are also two performing arts organizations that call The Depot their home. The Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra hosts limited run performances in the Depot Theatre. The Minnesota Ballet hosts practices, performances, and a whole variety of engaging activities in their four Depot Studios . And the Depot Foundation is dedicated to supporting all these collaborators. With all of these amazing organizations housed under one really large, very beautiful roof, it is easy to see why The Depot is the area’s hub for arts, history, and culture.


Music has the power to transport us in time, space, and emotion. Poignant pieces of music can bring us to tears or make us dance with joy. It makes us remember moments we might have forgotten. Music shapes our experiences and brings us together. It moves our hearts and shakes out the cobwebs. Join us at a DSSO concert this season, and share in the joy.

Depot Foundation

The Depot Foundation is dedicated to preserving The Depot as a vibrant and welcoming forum for the arts, culture and history through managing and growing a permanent endowment.

Lake Superior Railroad Museum

Housed in The Depot, the Lake Superior Railroad Museum houses the finest collection of Railroad Equipment in the country, with interactive exhibits as well as history from the region, the Lake Superior Railroad Museum is a must-visit attraction. In the summer and fall months the museum’s North Shore Scenic Railroad offers train excursions, together the two organizations offer the richest historic experiences in railroading anywhere.

North Shore Scenic Railroad

The North Shore Scenic Railroad operates excursions along the historic Lakefront Line, a 26-mile section of rail between Duluth and Two Harbors. This rail corridor served a vital link in the transportation system for over 100 years. Known originally as the Lake Division, it connected the isolated Duluth and Iron Range Railway with America’s expanding rail network. In 1886, when the Lakefront Line was first built, it was joined by a one-mile extension of the St. Paul and Duluth Railway at Fifth Avenue East in Duluth, providing the D&IR with access to downtown Duluth as well as to other railroad carriers at the Head of the Lakes.

St. Louis County Historical Society

Since its inception in 1922, the St. Louis County Historical Society has sought to discover,  preserve, and disseminate knowledge about the history, and prehistory, of St. Louis County as well as the state of Minnesota.

In addition to collecting and preserving objects of material culture and historical research material, the Society maintains and operates a museum as well as materially participates in the collections and operations of a historical research center adequate to serve the region encompassing St. Louis County and northeastern Minnesota.

Minnesota Ballet

As a premier dance company, the Minnesota Ballet will engage, enlighten and inspire the community and beyond with the beauty and passion of dance.

In all of its endeavors the Minnesota Ballet advances and celebrates diversity, inclusion, and equity, which richly nourish the art of dance.

St.Louis County Extension

The County Extension team has partnered with The Depot to focus on our combined missions of education, enriching, and inspiring the community.