Many ways to experience The Depot.


We learn new unusual facts every day about the Depot. If your curiosity is piqued, here are a few tidbits that we expect you didn’t know.

  •  One legend that exists within the building regards the space that is now the Underground Theatre. Duluth had a population of people working far from their families through the railroads, logging, and steel production. These were all dangerous fields, and death was a possibility. When bodies were to be sent back home for burial, legend says that they would have been stored in what is now the theatre.
  • In 1910 Madame Elizabeth Warde operated a seamstress shop in Duluth at 5 West Superior Street. Her dress shop is honored with a replica in Depot Square. The shop and is typical of a small family owned business of the era. By 1910 there more than 300 women working in Duluth and they had entered the workforce in bakeries, laundries, cooks, cashiers, telephone operators, schools, libraries, and just about every place service workers could be found.