The culture that defines us.

Culture radiates from all corners of the Depot.  Here are a couple interesting facts:

  • One of the Duluth Art Institute galleries is named for the Ojibwe artist George Morrison. Morrison changed the landscape for native artists. Before George, native artists were expected to have their “nativeness’ be the subject of all of their art. Morrison rubbed elbows with Andy Warhol, studied under Pablo Picasso, and lived with Jackson Pollock. He has serious acclaim abroad but is lesser known within the states.

  • Travelers Aid first set up shop here in the Depot back in 1907. When the bureau first began operating out of the Union Depot, it was largely to help assist the many immigrants who were entering the city by rails. Traveler’s aids popped up in most major cities of the U.S., and are regarded as the oldest non-religious social welfare groups within the nation.