It’s All Connected!


Did you know that St. Louis County is divided into seven commissioner-lead districts? Each of these districts all have unique identities: from beguiling nature to art communities – from rich history to unique shopping – from exceptional buildings to beautiful people. Obviously, St. Louis County is a pretty amazing destination, and these districts shine individually, but we shine even brighter together – just like our collaborators here in the St. Louis County Depot!

Each individual organization provides a service to our community by preserving history, educating by engagement, and spotlighting the arts, but together we are the Depot – always connecting culture and curiosity. 

The Depot & St. Louis County are connected in so many ways … it’s almost suspicious. Our tour guide, Hailey, has the high-powered sleuthing savvy to highlight in a mere matter of minutes all (or almost all, anyway) the bright spots when you explore inside the walls of the Depot and beyond. Come with us on this seven-part (district) journey that connects culture & curiosity in the Depot and across the county. Wonder awaits!

Starting today – each Wednesday a new video will be released on the St. Louis County Depot’s YouTube & Social Media (Facebook & Instagram).

Created by talented local filmmaker, Mike Scholtz, with the support and creative talents of Kristin Johnson & Hailey Eidenschink of the St. Louis County Depot team.