Welcome to our new website! We started off 2020 with many plans for public engagement: from wrestling matches to movies to coffee festivals, we had plenty of plans for our diverse group of guests here at St. Louis County Depot. But as is the case for so many organizations, 2020 had other ideas. As we closed our doors in the spring, we began to take stock of our plans, and realized pretty quickly that the virtual world was our safest bet to listen, learn, and sometimes lecture (in the best possible way). Our old website had its charms (and oh so many quirks), but it was pretty apparent that we needed a little boost and a new pair of (virtual) shoes in order to show the world that the Depot and its tenant organizations can still dance. And dance we must, as we look to the future, letting the muses guide us toward creativity, toward curiosity, toward the courage of our wonderful community.

As our doors remain temporarily locked, our virtual tours are on their way to opening. Our building, a union of 1970’s contemporary design and 1890’s American chateauesque, is getting cleaned and re-roofed. Our technology is getting a major update, including guest Wifi. Many of our tenants have created virtual plays, recitals, tours, and events, and some plan to permanently offer collections for online viewing so that anyone in the world with a computer or smartphone can experience what they have to offer.

For 2021, we do have some big plans. The Great Hall is on track to become even greater. The events calendar is full of frozen animation – activities just waiting for the green light in order to come racing out of the chute. The tour program is chock-full of high-brow and lurid educational opportunities. We can’t wait to get started.

Until then, hang in there, everybody. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay with us, and stay curious.