Welcoming Statement

Hey there. My name is Hailey, but you may know me as the girl they keep putting on camera for our marketing videos. However, right now I’m the girl writing this blog post.

As today’s blogger, I’d love to share with you some of the cool things happening at the Depot.

Our crew has been hard at work developing a welcoming statement for the building which discusses our goals for diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion. After many hours of effort and seeking guidance from many wonderful resources shared by cultural organizations across the country, I am happy to present that statement to you.

The St. Louis County Depot is committed to being an accessible organization that celebrates and welcomes visitors of all backgrounds. We strive to provide programming that encourages lifelong learning and fosters engagement amongst people of any socioeconomic status, race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, age, and identity.

Education is a core value for organizations housed in the Depot, and we understand the importance of fostering an environment where all people are valued and respected as they explore the cultures, arts, and heritage of our region. We are committed to reaching underserved people through sustainable, inclusive programming. 

It is our desire to create an environment in which equity, inclusion, and collaboration are at the forefront of all we do. The Depot strives to be an asset to our community by reflecting a rich diversity of perspectives and celebrating the people who call St. Louis County home. 

So now we have a statement…but what’s next?

I’m glad you asked!

As part of our commitment to inclusion, we have been working to create policy and programming that welcomes more people to experience The Depot. Through these efforts we have already been able to partner with two incredible community organizations; YWCA Duluth’s Girl Power, and Choice Unlimited.

We talked about Girl Power in a previous blog post, but just as a reminder, this organization held its 2021 summer camp inside The Depot. For five weeks this YWCA Duluth camp-inspired girls through activities focusing on leadership, economic literacy, outdoor education, healthy choices, and S.T.E.M. It sounds like a lot of fun to me!

Choice Unlimited is a Duluth-based non-profit organization that supports adults with disabilities and individuals who experience barriers to employment and community inclusion. The organization works to create and enhance opportunities for its clients in St. Louis and Douglas County. We are happy to say that Choice Unlimited has begun collaborating with The Depot and The Duluth Playhouse to utilize our spaces and create inclusive programming that empowers people with disabilities.

We’re so excited to see how these partnerships continue to grow and evolve. It is our greatest hope that The Depot will continue to be a cornerstone of the community, and that we can make our space more accessible to all.

It’s All Connect!

It’s All Connected!


Did you know that St. Louis County is divided into seven commissioner-lead districts? Each of these districts all have unique identities: from beguiling nature to art communities – from rich history to unique shopping – from exceptional buildings to beautiful people. Obviously, St. Louis County is a pretty amazing destination, and these districts shine individually, but we shine even brighter together – just like our collaborators here in the St. Louis County Depot!

Each individual organization provides a service to our community by preserving history, educating by engagement, and spotlighting the arts, but together we are the Depot – always connecting culture and curiosity. 

The Depot & St. Louis County are connected in so many ways … it’s almost suspicious. Our tour guide, Hailey, has the high-powered sleuthing savvy to highlight in a mere matter of minutes all (or almost all, anyway) the bright spots when you explore inside the walls of the Depot and beyond. Come with us on this seven-part (district) journey that connects culture & curiosity in the Depot and across the county. Wonder awaits!

Starting today – each Wednesday a new video will be released on the St. Louis County Depot’s YouTube & Social Media (Facebook & Instagram).

Created by talented local filmmaker, Mike Scholtz, with the support and creative talents of Kristin Johnson & Hailey Eidenschink of the St. Louis County Depot team.

Girl Power!

As we approach the dog days of summer, our Depot team has been enjoying all the wonderful things that come with the season. Ice cold lemonade, Saturdays on the shore of Lake Superior, and of course summer camp.

When you come to visit The St. Louis County Depot, you might just spot some camp activities here in our building!

YWCA Duluth’s Girl Power! Is an after-school, lunch, and summer program that provides engaging and empowering experiences for girls in our community. And this summer the Depot is the home base for their camp program. Campers will be bouncing all around our facility and will be partnering with the organizations that call the Depot home for unique activities and experiences that can only happen here – from behind the scene looks at how museums operate, to performing in a professional theatre, to understanding the physics of a locomotive. We’re so excited to be working with YWCA Duluth and to show a whole new audience that this nearly 130-year-old train depot still holds new things to discover!

For more information, or how you can get involved contact YWCA coordinator Morgan at [email protected] or 218-464-2433.


Bienvenue Coffee Fest

The Depot Will Host Bienvenue Coffee Fest

Bienvenue means welcome in French and we can’t think of a better way to welcome folks to The Depot than with a cup of coffee. The Depot is pleased to announce that the first annual Bienvenue Coffee Fest will take place this summer in and around the historic St. Louis County Depot in downtown Duluth at 506 West Michigan Street. Bienvenue Coffee Fest will take place on Saturday, July 10, 2021 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We invite visitors to sample delicious food and beverages from local and regional coffee and tea vendors, bakeries, and coffee shops. Food and drink vendors include Alakef Coffee, Duluth Coffee Company, The Rustic Inn, Mocha Moose, Ishtar Coffee, That Cupcake Lady, Mike and Jens Cocoa, King of Creams, and many more.

The Fest will boast an array of art, handicrafts, and gifts from local artisans, florists, and specialty shops. Artist Annmarie Geniusz will be creating a beautiful chalk mural throughout the day and a variety of our Depot galleries and exhibits will be open for visitors to enjoy. Live music from local performers, plus demonstrations, hands-on activities for kids, and more will also help brew up fun times at the Depot! To view a full list of Bienvenue Coffee Fest vendors, a schedule of activities and performances, and details about the event, please visit: experiencethedepot.org/coffee-fest or our Facebook page, St. Louis County Depot.

For more info or to arrange an interview, please contact Kristin Johnson at [email protected] or 218-733-7571.



Welcome to our new website! We started off 2020 with many plans for public engagement: from wrestling matches to movies to coffee festivals, we had plenty of plans for our diverse group of guests here at St. Louis County Depot. But as is the case for so many organizations, 2020 had other ideas. As we closed our doors in the spring, we began to take stock of our plans, and realized pretty quickly that the virtual world was our safest bet to listen, learn, and sometimes lecture (in the best possible way). Our old website had its charms (and oh so many quirks), but it was pretty apparent that we needed a little boost and a new pair of (virtual) shoes in order to show the world that the Depot and its tenant organizations can still dance. And dance we must, as we look to the future, letting the muses guide us toward creativity, toward curiosity, toward the courage of our wonderful community.

As our doors remain temporarily locked, our virtual tours are on their way to opening. Our building, a union of 1970’s contemporary design and 1890’s American chateauesque, is getting cleaned and re-roofed. Our technology is getting a major update, including guest Wifi. Many of our tenants have created virtual plays, recitals, tours, and events, and some plan to permanently offer collections for online viewing so that anyone in the world with a computer or smartphone can experience what they have to offer.

For 2021, we do have some big plans. The Great Hall is on track to become even greater. The events calendar is full of frozen animation – activities just waiting for the green light in order to come racing out of the chute. The tour program is chock-full of high-brow and lurid educational opportunities. We can’t wait to get started.

Until then, hang in there, everybody. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay with us, and stay curious.